Playstation games coming to Non-PlayStation platforms

PlayStation games coming to Non-PlayStation platforms

Over 20 years after the birth of PlayStation, gamers and non gamers alike can now enjoy a wide variety of PlayStation classics old and new by *renting them through PlayStation Now and playing them via streaming on the internet, without the need of owning a PlayStation console,
"We can reach a broader audience of consumers who may not own a Playstation console." Masayasu Ito, Executive VP of Sony Computer Entertainment
Last week Sony announced that they made a deal with Samsung to bring its service of streaming PlayStation videogames to Samsung Smart TV in 2015, making Samsung the first company outside Sony itself to obtain a license to use the PlayStation Now service. PlayStation Now was announced in CES 2014 and is still in its early days; the service still has room for improvement, and is only available in the United States and Canada. PlayStation Now offers wide variety of games, where users can play more than 200 titles, ranging from small games that everyone can play such Bejeweled 3 to more technically and graphically advanced and complex games like Mass Effect 2.
In order to use the PS Now in 2015 on your Samsung Smart TV, all you need is the Sony application and own a DualShock 4 controller, but not owning the console will not change the experience for the user, where  playing online with friends, saving the progress of the game by using the cloud and gaining in-game trophies are available.
*Rental fees are charged and differ based on the game and the renting time.


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